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Additions to AP's news leadership team

, by Lauren Easton

Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Sally Buzbee announced today key changes to AP's senior news leadership team.

Here is her memo to staff:

I’m excited to tell you today about several changes to the senior leadership team in News, aimed at keeping our news report strong, mission driven and sharp, and aligning more closely with Products and Technology to drive AP’s overall success.

To start, Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace and Global Sports Editor Michael Giarrusso will become assistant managing editors and join the senior team. Their promotions recognize the importance of their two coverage areas to our global news report and their records of outstanding leadership.

Next, deputy managing editor Amanda Barrett will assume broad responsibility for digital content and our efforts to grow audience. Of course, serving our customers’ growing digital needs is a top priority for every single part of News. Amanda’s role will be to pull together and guide newsroom developers and others who create digital content, plus our direct-to-audience efforts, so that we can focus these efforts with the most impact. This will be in addition to her responsibilities involving the Nerve Center, News staff diversity and inclusive storytelling.
Clockwise, from top left: Amanda Barrett, David Ake, Michael Giarrusso, Julie Pace, David Scott. (AP Photo)
In addition, befitting an organization with our rich history and vibrant future of visual journalism, Director of Photography David Ake will also become an assistant managing editor. And Deputy Managing Editor Derl McCrudden will focus squarely on video and audio, including emerging opportunities in streaming markets. Derl’s role will encompass oversight of video in all its forms, working closely with the entire News management team as we meet customers’ ever-growing and critical video needs both internationally and domestically.

Taken together, these changes ensure that video, photos, audio, digital and text are all represented on the senior team and can seamlessly interact going forward in a world where both our customers and our direct-to-audience efforts transcend any single format.

Finally, Deputy Managing Editor for Operations David Scott will become News’ vice president and managing editor for operations, products and production. In this expanded role, David will serve as News’ primary liaison with Revenue, Products and Technology as we create products from our journalism. He also will be the point person on how we produce, file and distribute our news report across formats globally. David will continue to oversee global News operations and the department’s budget, expanding his focus to international staff and operational issues also.
In other top leadership roles: Brian Carovillano will continue as vice president and managing editor for news, overseeing day-to-day newsgathering and storytelling globally in all formats for both our hallmark breaking news report and enterprise/investigative. Ian Phillips remains as vice president and deputy managing editor for international, managing teams of journalists in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Noreen Gillespie remains as deputy managing editor for U.S. news, overseeing our teams across America covering the nation, national beats and states. Sarah Nordgren continues as deputy managing editor for business, health and science, entertainment, religion and grants. Sandy Macintyre continues as vice president for key initiatives, focused on video and partnerships.

Please join me in congratulating Julie, Michael, Amanda, David A. and David S. on their new roles and promotions.

Best, Sally