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Evelyne Musambi named East Africa reporter

, by Nicole Meir

In a memo to staff on Wednesday, Deputy News Director for Africa Andrew Drake announced that Evelyne Musambi is AP's new East Africa reporter:

I’m very pleased to announce a strong new addition to the AP Africa team.
Evelyne Musambi will be joining our Africa news team as East Africa reporter, starting Nov. 1 and based out of Nairobi, Kenya.
Evelyne Musambi. (Courtesy of Susan Wanjiku)
Evelyne has over 10 years of media experience, including with Kenyan newspaper The Nation, and for the last three years with the BBC, during which she has honed an impressive multiformat skillset and a passion for breaking news. She has extensive experience developing, often collaboratively with local stringers, and reporting stories across the East African region including recently on the ongoing civil war in northern Ethiopia and the hotly contested Kenyan elections. She has reported stories of her own on a diverse range of beats, including on the health and environmental issues confronting many countries on the continent.
Wishing her great success in her career at AP!