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Producing distinctive, compelling journalism

, by Lauren Easton

In a memo to global news staff, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Sally Buzbee outlined two new assignments aimed at furthering AP’s enterprise reporting and visual storytelling:

The AP’s future depends on our ability to produce exclusive, distinctive, compelling journalism the world can’t get anywhere else. We do that by owning big breaking news, by breaking our own stories through enterprising and investigative reporting, and with great visual journalism that engages and excites. With that in mind, I’d like to tell you about two new assignments.Vice President for Global News and Enterprise Marjorie Miller will focus on the exclusive and distinctive enterprise journalism that makes AP essential to its customers and sets us apart in the crowded marketplace for news. Jaime Holguin will serve as interim head of interactives, working closely with AP journalists and news leaders around the world to push social and digital innovation.
VP for Global News and Enterprise Marjorie Miller. (AP Photo)
Marjorie's mission will be to drive the AP’s global enterprise report and to push for more distinctive and exclusive journalism -- across all formats, although sometimes this goal might mean different things for different formats. It’s a big and crucial assignment, and will now be her entire focus. Marjorie joined the AP from the Los Angeles Times in 2010, serving as regional editor for Latin America and the Caribbean before moving to New York nearly two years ago. She has worked with teams of talented editors and journalists who have won dozens of prizes for outstanding projects on violence in Central America and Mexico, water pollution in Brazil, political upheaval in Venezuela, savagery in the Islamic State's so-called caliphate and honor killings in Pakistan.
Jaime Holguin, interim head of interactives. (AP Photo)
Jaime rejoined AP in 2005 and has been critical to initiatives such as the ASAP digital storytelling effort, experiments in virtual reality and social storytelling, and most recently, as a key driver of the digital boot camp training sessions. In his interim role, Jaime will help chart a new course for AP’s interactive department, including thinking about structure and strategies to tell our best stories in engaging and unique ways. He will work closely with colleagues in AP's product and revenue departments and other news leaders -- across formats -- to identify market needs for social and digital storytelling, and develop new audiences and platforms for AP journalism.