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Cara Rubinsky named global business editor

, by Nicole Meir

In a memo to staff on Friday, Deputy Head of Newsgathering Michael Giarrusso announced that Cara Rubinsky will lead AP’s business news coverage:

I’m very excited to announce that Cara Rubinsky is the AP’s new Global Business Editor. Every team that Cara has led or worked with immediately became more collaborative and more responsive to breaking news. She knows how to juggle multiple breaking stories, guide reporters on bigger-picture coverage and plan for long-running stories. And she is a master collaborator, who knows how to communicate well across oceans and formats. Cara has worked as an editor for AP since 2005, starting as a supervisor in Hartford. She moved to Atlanta as assistant editor on the South Desk, then to Boston as news editor and to Chicago as assistant editor for the Central Region. In 2015, she moved to London as Associate Europe Editor. She became Deputy Business Editor in April 2018. And earlier this year, she volunteered to help lead U.K. coverage on an interim basis.
Global Business Editor Cara Rubinsky. (AP Photo)
She has been a key leader as the business news department has focused on stories that readers want to click and share. She has pushed the department to give voice to subjects that traditional business journalism has ignored. And she has pushed reporters to look for ways to show how economic ripples can move across the world based on war, disaster and political change. In 2022, she launched the grant-funded financial wellness initiative, which uses innovative storytelling techniques to bring important information about budgeting, debt and other topics to underserved audiences. Cara and the other leaders in Business News will continue building on the momentum that they have, and the AP will look to the department to help broaden and diversify the report with more alternative storytelling formats and visuals. Cara starts immediately. She will remain in London. We have a great management team in Business news, a growing grants operation and a staff of aggressive reporters who have experience and deep knowledge of their beats. We can’t wait to see how the department evolves in 2024 and beyond. Congratulations to Cara.